Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Search for Brian Laundrie, Heavily Promoted By Fox News, Is Over Due to Injury

Brian Laundrie, a suspect in the death of his fiancee Gabby Petito, has been on the run for weeks now. Laundrie, an avid camper, was able to disappear in the woods of the Florida everglades.

Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Police officers have engaged in a massive manhunt to find the man. So has Dog the Bounty Hunter, best known for his long running A&E television show.

Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, is an avid Trump supporter who sometimes appears on Fox News. And the network was more than happy to promote Dog’s attempt to capitalize on the tragedy.

During a recent appearance on Fox, the bounty hunter claimed he had no choice but to enter the search. He told Fox & Friends, “We’ve gotten over 1,000 leads… So we’re going through all those leads. I would say within 48 hours, we probably will have a location where we start the tracking at.”

Chapman added, “I’d like all the Christians out there to start praying. What they haven’t asked for is prayer, now it’s time for prayer. These Christians get together. Please pray that God will lead me through the wilderness right up to it, and I’ll be able to bring him in alive.”

Now that search is over. Chapman, who is nursing an ankle injury, has bowed out. WFLA’s Josh Benson tweeted, “DOG. Just got an update from Dog the Bounty Hunter’s team. They say he’s headed back to Colorado soon to meet with his doctor after injuring his ankle in the search.”

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