Does Tucker Carlson Want His Viewers to Live?: CNN’s Berman Rips Fox’s Anti-Vaccine Campaign

A year ago, near the very start of the pandemic, Donald Trump decided to make it a political issue. Of course, it was a national issue. Republicans were just as likely to die from the Coronavirus as Democrats were.

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Still, in their constant effort to appease Trump, many Fox News anchors have pushed misinformation about COVID-19. And even as vaccines are helping Americans get back to a normal life, Fox continues to undermine their efficacy. This charge has been led by Tucker Carlson who questions vaccine safety on a near nightly basis.

Of course, Fox’s competitors wonder why the network is continuing its disinformation campaign. During his Tuesday show, John Berman blasted Carson wondering if he actually wants his viewers to live.

The CNN host began, “This television character likes to say he’s just asking questions, so here are some questions: Does this character think it’s important to slow the spread of the virus? Just asking. Does this character care if the country reaches herd immunity to return to life and work safely? It’s a question.”

Berman continued, “Does Tucker Carlson really want his viewers to live? Look, this guy bemoans so-called cancel culture more than anyone on Earth, but he should look in the mirror, because you can’t get any more cancelled than dead.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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