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Does Trump Want To Leave The White House? Some Aides Think He Wants To

Does Trump Want To Leave The White House? Some Aides Think He Wants To

donald trump to be escorted from white house if he won't leave

Many advisors and aides to President Trump have grown weary at what seems to be him self-sabotaging his reelection. Many are wondering if Trump even wants to be President anymore. A New York Times report talks about how aides in a meeting warned Trump that he was going to be defeated in November if he continues on the road he is on.

Trump’s only real interest was “winning” the presidency, but not “doing it,” according to a source close to Trump.  Sam Nunberg said, “In private, Trump was interested in winning the presidency. Over a three-year period between 2012 until 2014, he was focused on the details and even the minutiae of the primary and the general election process. It was always clear that Trump wanted to be elected president. But the reality of being president was never discussed.” Nunberg worked on Trump’s campaign in 2015.

The NYT went on to point out that Trump was attracted to the glamour and the lights that came with being President. The report says, Inside the White House, some staff members described the president as lonely, with few people he enjoys talking to, and several staff members said morale was at its lowest point since the early weeks of the administration.

The report goes on to note that Trump did not realize how hard being President would be. Once he realized it he became paranoid about outside forces bringing him down. It would seem that he is worried about that now. The report says, Mr. Trump has also become consumed, once again, with leaks from the White House, demanding that officials find and prosecute those responsible for information getting out about his trip to the bunker beneath the White House during unruly protests.

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Whether Trump wants to be President or not, his poll numbers do not look good heading into November.

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