Does Andrew Weissmann’s Departure Signal an End to the Mueller Investigation?

Many in Washington have speculated that Robert Mueller’s investigation may soon be coming to an end. With Mueller’s probe being largely free of leaks, pundits have looked to read the tea leaves surrounding the case.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The latest clue may be the departure of a lawyer who was responsible for the inquiry into Paul Manafort. Department of Justice Official, Andrew Weissman, has stepped down from the case to seek another assignment.

Weissman is one of a number of lawyers who have recently stepped down from the probe. Brandon Von Grack and David Archey have also recently left the case for other FBI duties.

Weissmann, who gained notoriety as a prosecutor in the Enron case, has earned the ire of conservatives. Rush Limbaugh said of him, “The guy is just bad news. He is responsible for the predawn invasion of Paul Manafort’s house and likely Roger Stone’s house. I mean, to those of us outside this world, it seems like this is a rogue guy, out of control, drunk on power, who relishes using that power to intimidate people.”

Those who have worked with Weissmann says his legal opponents are terrified of him. A fellow prosecutor, Kathryn Ruemmler, says, “Andrew is attacked because he is feared; those under investigation know just how effective he is. He has not only peerless technical skills but the fearlessness necessary for pursuing high profile, complex cases and a passionate commitment to seeing justice is done.”

Weissmann’s key duty has been the Manafort probe which has now concluded. So his departure may have nothing to do with the end of the investigation in whole. People, however, will continue to speculate until Mueller delivers his report to the Attorney General.

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