Doctor’s Viral Thread Shares What Really Works For Getting Shots In Arms

No matter what plans are put in place to get vaccines out and available to every American, if people aren’t willing to accept the shots, the programs will always fall short. Dr. Hannah Tello, who has been fighting an epidemic of vaccine hesitancy, says she has been observing what actually seems to work to get people vaccinated.

COVID vaccine distirbution
[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

The city of Lowell, Massachusetts held a block party this weekend to encourage vaccination, and as the Lowell Sun reported, attendees were promised an opportunity to be vaccinated, but also free food, raffles for prizes, and entertainment including music.

Dr. Tello says that their team was able to vaccinate as many as ten times the number of people as their typical mobile clinics, and she credits a lot of factors, including the fact that attendees would be able to have friends or loved ones with them, and that education was available on-site.

She specifically noted that this event seemed to work well for people who might cite lack of childcare, or lack of providers who speak their own language as a cause for not yet being vaccinated. She also says that multiple people told her they showed up for free food and other incentives, and decided to get the vaccine.

Dr. Tello’s experience appears to affirm the Biden Administration’s recent emphasis on needing to focus outreach in each individual community, and to make sure that anyone who would like to hear more facts has the opportunity to learn about the vaccine, and then immediately access it.

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