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Doctor Urges Pennsylvanians to Ignore ‘Disgraceful’ Senate Candidate Dr. Oz

Doctor Urges Pennsylvanians to Ignore ‘Disgraceful’ Senate Candidate Dr. Oz

Back in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Oz frequently appeared on Fox News. And during one segment, while urging that students should be back in school, said a 2-3% mortality rate among children would be acceptable to some people. That should have ended his career.

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Instead, thanks to the weird COVID hysteria in the GOP, it made him an intriguing candidate for national office. Oz recently announced that he would be running for senate in Pennsylvania. Today, Dr. Daniel Summers penned an op-ed urging Pennsylvanians to ignore his candidacy.

“It’s been obvious for years that Oz is more than happy to leverage his reputation as a cardiothoracic surgeon and medical scientist in service to his own celebrity and advancement, and isn’t one to let quaint little things like facts stand in his way,” Summers wrote. “Stroll down a checkout aisle in your local grocery store, and chances are strong you’ll see his smiling face on the cover of a magazine touting some wildly unhealthy weight-loss claim. He’s been promoting pseudoscience on his show for years, from obesity ‘remedies’ like green coffee and garcinia cambogia to hawking ‘homeopathy starter kits,’ so this is nothing new.”

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The Doctor continued, “It is telling that Oz would see a space for himself in the Republican primary field. The GOP is riddled with prominent figures who undermine the seriousness of the pandemic, refute the importance of getting vaccinated, and denigrate the public health officials tasked with keeping the American people as safe and healthy as possible. Voters for those people are the ones Oz sees himself capable of wooing. That is the base he will need to capture to make his candidacy a success.”

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