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Docs Mark Meadows Handed Over To Congress Connected To Election Overturn Plans

Docs Mark Meadows Handed Over To Congress Connected To Election Overturn Plans

Before ceasing his cooperation with the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th attack on Congress, Mark Meadows handed over a mass of documents related to the events leading up to that day. As the public begins to get peeks at those documents, it hints at just what Donald Trump’s circle may not want the public to know.

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Guardian US reporter Hugo Lowell has shared some slides from a PowerPoint presentation that was referenced in an email that Meadows turned over, and they reiterate much of what we’ve heard in the past year.

Donald Trump openly, publicly, insisted that Mike Pence, as Vice President, could reject electors and force states into a do-over to reject Joe Biden’s win. Even a year after his loss, Trump is still blaming Pence for not doing so. There’s also been discussion of the attack on Congress as a potential tactic not to stop certification of the electoral vote, but merely to delay it until states could be convinced to flip their results.

The slides shared below seem to reference both the Pence tactic and the delay tactic, and more:

Headed “Options for Jan 6” the first slide lists these bullet points:

  • VP Pence seats Republican electors over the objections of Democrats in states where fraud occurred
  • VP Pence rejects the electors from states whee fraud ocures, causing the election to be determined by remaining electoral votes
  • VP Pence delays the decision in order to allow for a vetting and subsequent counting of all the legal paper ballots.

The second slide, headed “Recommendations,” goes even further and is more chilling, outlining the possibility of declaring an emergency and having Congress select the President.

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  • Brief Senators and Congressmen on foreign interference
  • Declare National Security Emergency
  • Foreign influence and control of electronic voting systems
  • Declare electronic voting in all states invalid
  • Legal and Genuine paper ballot counts, or Constitutional remedy delegated to Congress

It’s not the first we’ve heard of this plan — in December the Washington Post reported on former Trump national security adviser Michael T. Flynn’s suggestion that the then-president could use the military to force states to re-do the elections that he lost, and on suggestions Trump could use the Insurrection Act to push for military control. In fact, let’s look at a quote, from December, suggesting a method Trump could hypothetically use

But what emergency is there right now that would warrant the military taking to the streets? There is none. Trump could try to gin one up by encouraging protests across the nation on Jan. 6 as Congress certifies results, said Meredith McGehee, an expert in ethics in politics and the director of Issue One.

As McGehee was warning of this possible eventuality, Trump was already encouraging his fan base to show up in D.C. for the electoral certification and “be wild” — and sure enough, they did.

However, this document coming from Mark Meadows adds some additional insight as to what was being discussed and proposed within the Trump circle in the days between his election loss and the attack on Congress — and this is just one peek into the documents Meadows turned over.

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