DNC Speakers Announced; Yang Complains About Being Left Out

One week before its set to virtually take place from the ‘hub’ at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, the Democratic National Convention has released its full schedule and list of speakers. Powerhouse Democrats from former Presidents Clinton and Obama to current Senators and even former Republicans are set to remotely boost Joe Biden and his just-unannounced running mate, Kamala Harris. The four-night convention will culminate in Biden officially accepting the nomination and formally announcing the Democratic ticket for 2020.

The full list of speakers, by day:

With such an impressive roster, there are some notable names left off the program. Beto O’Rourke, who ran an impressive Senatorial race against Ted Cruz and then a short-lived Presidential run of his own, is not listed amongst the speakers. Neither is Andrew Yang, who (unlike O’Rourke) tweeted about feeling left out of the proceedings. The Yang Gang sprung into action almost immediately, trending #LetYangSpeakDNC

Now that Harris has been announced, expect the focus to be on the newly formed ticket and not on who’s been left out.

This is a developing story.


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