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DNC Chairman Squeezes Joe Manchin on Protecting Voting Rights

DNC Chairman Squeezes Joe Manchin on Protecting Voting Rights

Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison said on MSNBC on Thursday that West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s opposition to President Joe Biden’s voting rights legislation – the For The People Act – constitutes an imminent danger to the future of democracy in the United States.


“You are someone who understands though what it is like to be a Democrat appealing to constituents in a pretty red state. Democrats in South Carolina or West Virginia are not the same as Democrats in New York or California. If Joe Manchin does what progressives want him to do, does he risk losing his seat?” host Stephanie Ruhle asked Harrison.

Harrison responded that chipping away at democratic franchise will imperil every other American civic liberty.

“Well, I, Joe Manchin needs to do what Americans want our Senators to do, which is to protect their right to vote. Because if we don”t protect that right, that is the right by which all other rights are built upon, Stephanie. And, you know, it is the great equalizer. You can have a billionaire CEO and you can have the lowly factory worker that works, that does the janitorial work. They have one vote and it’s worth the same thing. And when you decide to take away that vote from folks, then this great experiment we have all falls apart. And so that’s what we want,” the chairman said.

“We’re not asking for any partisan thing. This is not, well, people say ‘both sides.’ This is not a both sides thing,” Harrison added. “Either you are for all Americans voting or you are against it. Either you are for securing democracy or you’re against it. People need to make a decision about where they are on this issue because it’s not a both sides. You’re either for America, or you’re against it.”

Watch below via America Rising:

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