Disturbing ‘Hunter Chase The Slave’ Game Uncovered At Las Vegas Elementary School

A parent of a student attending a Las Vegas elementary school expressed outrage on social media after their daughter came home from describing a game she played with other students.

Support CCSD Teachers/Facebook; Ragesoss/Wikimedia

The game, the kindergartner explained in a video the parent posted, was called “Hunter Chase the Slave,” and was similar in scope to the popular children’s game “Duck, Duck, Goose,” with some added rules.

“You can have a gun, or you can get caught and get whipped, or go to a different family,” the girl tells her parent.

Kids tap on the heads of participants, saying “Slave” until they want someone to chase them, saying “Hunter” when they want to do so.

On Wednesday, the parent posted their outrage in a Facebook group dedicated to Clark County School District parents and teachers.

Screenshot via Support CCSD Teachers/Facebook

“My daughter came home from school having learned this in her KINDERGARTEN CLASSROOM!” the parent wrote. “I went to the school and talked directly to the principal, who reached out to his supervisor immediately. I am calmer now, but not by much. I could hardly sit still. I am angry and rightfully so! This is not a game. This insights [sic] violence!”

The parent of the child further explained why the game was outrageous to them. “This covers the truth of the white enslavers who terrorized enslaved people for hundreds of years!” they said.

“I wonder who will be playing it on the playground tomorrow,” the parent added in their post. “Not my daughter, she will be staying home.”

Clark County School District, where the incident allegedly took place, has had a storied history of racist incidents in the past, including one very similar to this ordeal. In 2019, another parent accused a teacher of having described his and other children with darker complexions as being “slaves,” per reporting from KTNV at the time.

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