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Dispelling The Right Wing Conspiracy Theories About Cesar Sayoc

Dispelling The Right Wing Conspiracy Theories About Cesar Sayoc

Since the arrest of mail bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc, many individuals and even some media outlets on the right have been promoting conspiracy theories which aim at trying to create doubt that Sayoc was actually a Trump supporter.

Many of these people feel the need to discredit the reports they are hearing simply because they refuse to admit they were wrong about their initial false flag theories.  You may recall, that prior to Sayoc being arrested, many on the right were claiming that this was some sort of liberal plot created to discredit Republicans.

“Fake sexual assault victims. Fake refugees. Now fake mail bombs,” said far-right political commentator Dinesh D’Souza. “We are all learning how the media left are masters of distortion, deflection & deception.”

“The only thing ‘suspicious’ about these packages is their timing,” explained conservative commentator Candace Owens. “Caravans, fake bomb threats—these leftists are going ALL OUT for midterms.”

“Republicans just don’t do this kind of thing,” said political pundit Rush Limbaugh.

The list goes on.  Everyone from Twitter troll Jacob Wohl to the President of the United States – none of them seemed willing to believe that a Republican could be behind these apparent assassination attempts.  Now, however, with Sayoc being arrested and his van being seized, many of these same individuals are pushing conspiracy theories trying to discredit the apparent fact that Sayoc supported President Trump.

The Conspiracy Theories:

Photos of Sayoc’s Van Existed Prior to his Arrest! This is about as ridiculous of a theory as they come, but as you can see in the tweet below by a Twitter user who calls himself “DR JAMES A, PHD” there are attempts to discredit the photos of Sayoc’s van, since there is a photo of it taken “Before cops showed up”.

In fact, there were multiple photos seen on Twitter and other social media, posted by everyday civilians who just happened to come across the van.  Even Fox News attempted to use one of these photos on their broadcast, but the photographer’s wife refused to let them do so.

The point is, when you are driving a large white van around Florida with huge window decals on every window other than the windshield, you are going to get some attention.  You will have people take photographs of your van, and you will probably have those photos show up on social media.  This is what appears to have happened, although the conspiracy theorists believe that this somehow means that the media is creating a fake narrative.

The window stickers moved!  This theory is being spread by frequent conspiracy theorist and Twitter troll, Jacob Wohl.  His claim is that there are photographs of this same van, but with the stickers placed on different windows.  Others are claiming that the stickers are too “new looking” to have been sitting on a van in the Florida sun.


Yes, the “stickers” appear to have been on different windows at different periods in time.  This would be very strange if these were merely traditional adhesive based stickers, but there is absolutely no evidence of this claim.  In fact, there is plenty of evidence that these likely are not adhesive based stickers, but rather laminated sheets of images which Sayoc created himself or had obtained from someone else who had created them.

As you can see in the close-up image below, these are not individual small stickers but rather large posters, which were likely laminated with UV protection, to protect them from fading in the Florida sun.

Most likely these “stickers” are not even stickers but are rather adhered to the windows in another way.  They are probably either taped up (doubtful) or they are laminated in adhesive-free material that creates a static cling.  These are often referred to as “window clings“, and they work by sticking to certain surfaces, such as windows, using static electricity.

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Cesar Sayoc’s MyLife Profile Says he’s a Democrat! This is another conspiracy theory that has been floating around, and people are buying the legitimacy of it since the claim comes from a website that many are familiar with.

What people don’t realize is that profiles can be altered on MyLife.  In fact, this very same profile said that Sayoc was a registered Republican a little bit after the above tweet was posted.

A quick search at VoterRecords.com — a website that can not be edited by just anyone — shows that Sayoc is in fact a registered Republican.

Fact is, Sayoc attended more than one Trump rally, according to his Facebook page which no longer remains up.  Prior to his Facebook page being taken down, Hill Reporter obtained some photos of Sayoc wearing MAGA hats and holding Pro-Trump signs, so even if he was once a registered Democrat, which it does not appear he was, he was still a very big supporter of President Trump — a Republican.

Photo credit: Facebook

Cesar Sayoc followed some Democrats on Twitter and Facebook!  Yes Sayoc followed some Democrats on Facebook and Twitter, but that doesn’t make someone a Democrat.  President Trump’s own wife Melania Trump, follows former President Barack Obama on Twitter.  Does that make her a Democrat?  No!  Sayoc’s Facebook page consisted almost entirely of pro-Trump rhetoric, as did his Twitter page.

Below you can find a screenshot of some of Sayoc’s “likes” on Facebook, as of yesterday afternoon.  This screenshot was taken by Hill Reporter.

Photo credit: Facebook

The majority of politically related “likes” by Sayoc are related to right-wing groups and political figures.

There are plenty of other conspiracy theories out there, but none of them seem to have any ground to stand on. It’s quite apparent that Cesar Sayoc was a Republican Trump supporter who just took things way too far.

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