‘Disheartened’ Meghan McCain Begs Republicans to ‘Not Normalize’ Donald Trump’s Sedition

The View host Meghan McCain said on Wednesday that last week’s siege on the United States Capitol by President Donald Trump’s treasonous myrmidons has left her aghast and shaken over what the Republican Party has devolved into.

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McCain expressed dismay over Congressman Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) refusal to admit that the 2020 election was not rigged, and then blasted members of the GOP who have paid lip service to Trump’s lies and sedition:

Republicans really need to start putting their money where their mouth is. If we’re asking for unity, we have to start using the rhetoric of unity in good faith. Why is [Jordan] doing this, is the question. So the answer is very simple. There is a Politico-Morning Consult poll that came out today that said 40 percent, four-zero percent of Republicans still today after the riots said they want President Trump to be the nominee in 2024. Now, that is down from 53 percent since before the riots That is still a hugely substantial number.

McCain, who has repeatedly given Trump and his supporters inside and outside of Congress the benefit of the doubt, humbly admitted that she was wrong:

I will candidly say I am shocked by that number. This is maybe the first time in my career that I really do feel like my tone of the zeitgeist of where Republicans are at isn’t where the populist wing is. You had asked me on the show last week on the show if I thought there would be a Trump faction of the party. I think we are heading fast and strong to having the Republican Party and then the Trump ‘America First’ Party coming up, and it’s flabbergasting to me. It’s not the first time this will have happened in history and obviously, it has a historical precedent from happening before.

Fighting back tears, McCain shared personal anecdotes from those close to her who survived the Trump-led attack on the federal government:

What is strange to me and disheartening is that I have been talking to friends of mine who work on Capitol Hill since this happened and I’ve heard stories. A friend of mine and Ben’s told a story that they were in the office and they were trying to figure out if they should use the blunt end of an American flag stand or a Marine sword they had hanging on the wall for a weapon in case something happened. I heard another story yesterday about someone who used a hand sanitizer stand, knocking hand sanitizer over to use it as a possible blunt force if something happened.

McCain pleaded with still-sane members of the GOP to “not normalize” armed insurrection “because a lot of people could have died, including family members of mine if things, God forbid, had gotten worse, and I’m very, very disheartened to see what’s happening.”

The battle for the soul of the Republican Party is waging in full force, said McCain:

But I think as we saw President Trump yesterday absolutely doubling-down that he did nothing, nothing wrong – people are going to make the calculation on their part, and this is all about politics… there is a faction right now. People are making calculations, either [Missouri Senator] Josh Hawley or Jim Jordan or you are [Arkansas Senator] Tom Cotton or you are [Wyoming Senator] Liz Cheney, and we are going to see who ends up winning.

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