DISGUSTING — Coronavirus Czar Mike Pence Seen In Viral Video Wiping Nose And Shaking Hands At Press Conference

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced that Vice President Mike Pence would be heading the task force charged with addressing the coronavirus outbreak, which many health experts say is on its way to the United States.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Close observers of the press conference, however, noticed some bizarre physical actions that the vice president was making.

An edited video of Pence, in which clips of him wiping his nose and mouth are juxtaposed with him shaking hands with health experts and other administration officials, has gone viral on social media. Pence also pats the backs of several officials walking past him while shaking their hands, the video shows.

The Centers for Disease Control warns against making physical contact with others when your hands have touched your face, particularly when they’ve touched the mouth, eyes, and nose, The Inquisitr reported. Experts say that the best thing to do after touching your nose in such a way is to wash your hands.

Pence’s appointment to lead the coronavirus task force has been seen as a controversial choice. Over the past few decades, he’s made startling statements that contradicted scientific study and insights from experts.

He also has alarming experience with viral outbreaks. As governor of Indiana, an HIV outbreak infected more than 200 individuals. Some researchers attributed Pence’s budget cuts and other actions as governor as having made the situation worse. The former governor’s initial solution to the problem was prayer, delaying other actions that could have addressed the situation, prior reporting from HillReporter.com noted.

As head of the task force, Pence will also be in control of all public appearances, statements, and messaging in general about coronavirus from the administration, the New York Times reported. That has led some to wonder whether the administration will be truthful, or may withhold vital information about the global viral outbreak as it pertains to the interests of the people within the United States.

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