Disgraced Former NYC Police Commissioner No Longer Thinks COVID-19 Is A Hoax

Bernard Kerik served as New York City’s Police Commissioner from 2000-2001 and later served multiple in multiple positions under George W. Bush. His political career came to a screeching halt in 2007 when he was indicted by a Grand Jury on charges of tax fraud.

Via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Kerik later pled guilty to those allegations in 2009 and served prison time in Maryland. The former Police Commissioner was pardoned by Donald Trump in 2020 and repaid the favor by alleging that COVID-19 was a coup against Trump. Kerik seemed to change his tune on Thursday when he warned all NYC police officers to take steps so they don’t become infected with the virus.

On March 15, Kerik took to Twitter, writing, “Why do I feel this hysteria is being created to destabilize the country, and destroy the unparalleled and historic economic successes of President Donald Trump.”

Kerik had a much different message for his Twitter followers on Thursday morning. Sharing a video of current NYPD head Declan Shea, Kerik wrote, “Whether you’re a cop in NYC or anywhere in this country, please listen to the words of Commissioner Shea when it comes to dealing with the COVID-19. Social distancing is a must, use protective gear, and if you have symptoms, do not go to work.”


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