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Disgraced But Still Going: Watch as Jimmy Kimmel Tears Into Matt Gaetz

Disgraced But Still Going: Watch as Jimmy Kimmel Tears Into Matt Gaetz

Of all the late night talk show hosts, Jimmy Kimmel is certainly the biggest critic of the GOP. And the members of the party have certainly taken notice. Marjorie Taylor Greene went as far as reporting a joke from Kimmel to the Capitol Police.

Via Matt Gaetz Twiter

During a recent podcast, Gaetz and Greene discussed the late-night host with Gaetz calling out Kimmel for misogyny. During his Monday night show, Kimmel responded.

The host began by playing a clip of the Florida congressman saying, “Jimmy Kimmel is a total jerk. And it seems that his trend is to attack women, which is particularly troubling.”

Kimmel took the time to pause and remind his audience that Gaetz is currently under investigation for sex trafficking.

In another clip, Gaetz said to Greene, “Because he’s [saying], oh, you’re a ‘Klan Mom,’ right? So, he’s attacking you as a mom and as a woman. And he attacks Lauren Boebert and says, oh, she looks like ‘stepmom porn.’ See how he does that?”

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Kimmel responded:

“That’s not fair at all. I make jokes about men too. I made jokes about you too, in fact. Remember when I said I feel bad for you because you didn’t have a girlfriend in high school until you were 30? Remember when I said your political background will come in handy when you’re a registered sex offender because you’re used to knocking on strangers’ doors to introduce yourself?”



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