Discussing Coronavirus, Trump Claims ‘I Haven’t Touched My Face In Weeks’ — But Twitter Users Saved The Receipts…

President Donald Trump met with representatives from various airline companies on Wednesday to discuss the effects of the coronavirus pandemic has had thus far on their industry, as well as what steps are being taken to limit exposure of travelers at airports in the country.

Gage Skidmore

“I think it’s safe to fly. We have closed down certain sections of the world, frankly,” Trump said at the meeting.

After one of the airline representatives discussed the matter further, Trump interjected to discuss how the virus has affected his own life.

“I haven’t touched my face in weeks. It’s been weeks! I miss it,” Trump said.

Doctors have recommended that, in order to contain the virus, individuals should limit how much they touch their own faces, especially if they spend much of the day in public spaces or touch things like doorknobs often. Though Trump’s joke exemplified the advice doctors had given, he hasn’t necessarily been following it himself, and after he made the remarks, several users on Twitter shared images of Trump touching his face within the past few days.

Which shouldn’t all-that unexpected: Trump is a known liar, who misleads or lies to the American public dozens of times daily, particularly when he’s being scrutinized.

On coronavirus itself, Trump has made statements about the disease that had to get corrected later — including the errant claim that COVID-19 would likely go away once springtime temperatures came around.

The discovery of this latest lie — that he hasn’t touched his face in weeks, but oh, in fact, he has — comes just one week after a viral video made the rounds on social media, showcasing Vice President Mike Pence, during a press conference discussing coronavirus, touching his face (including his mouth and nose), then shaking hands with health experts without cleaning them first.

Trump named Pence the head of the task force looking at ways to prevent and respond to the inevitable spread of coronavirus in the United States.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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