Dinesh D’Souza Says A Cancun Vacation Is Actually Great For Texas — The Best Thing A Senator Could Do

As Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is roundly criticized for leaving on a trip to Cancun while his constituents burn furniture to keep warm, conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza has weighed in. Specifically, he would like the people of Texas to consider the possibility that Cruz’ vacation trip was actually really good for the state of Texas.

[Photo by MEGA/GC Images]

Ted Cruz left on a trip to Cancun, returning suddenly after there was criticism for leaving his state while regular citizens suffered. Though his office has suggested that he always intended to make the trip short, just accompanying his wife and kids then returning alone, there hasn’t been any supporting evidence for that claim, and his name on a waiting list to upgrade his seat suggests that perhaps the flight was purchased on shorter notice.

However, as the public expressed shock, one right-wing voice rang out to insist that the trip was not only appropriate, but actually a great idea.

If Cruz is in Cancun, he’s not using up resources in Texas, D’Souza argues, and therefore taking a nice vacation is the best thing he could do for the state, while his constituents suffer without electricity or heat, and untraversable roads make them unable to leave (even if they can afford a vacation).

Notably, Cruz did request a police escort for his family through the airport, the Daily Beast reports, taking those particular resources away as the Houston Police Department attempted to respond to emergencies from the storm.

D’Souza followed up with another tweet later, saying that elected representatives really “don’t do a whole lot” anyway, and therefore Cruz’s presence in Texas wouldn’t have helped anyone.

According to the El Paso Times, Beta O’Rourke, who ran against Cruz in 2018 and narrowly lost, spent Wednesday holding an event to help seniors who were struggling in the weather.

O’Rourke’s event reached over 151k people on Wednesday, offering help including transportation and food, and resumed business on Thursday to do more.

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