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Dinesh D’Souza Fails Geography AND Science In A Single Climate Change-Denying Tweet

Dinesh D’Souza Fails Geography AND Science In A Single Climate Change-Denying Tweet

Controversial conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, whose cinematic features are frequently riddled with inaccuracies and exaggerations of the truth, took some time to comment on a bit of independent cinema veritas on Monday, commenting about a video involving kangaroos in the snow.

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D’Souza shared a tweet of a video of kangaroos frolicking in the Australian countryside, suggesting that footage seemed odd, given that global climate change is afoot in that country and elsewhere.

“Global warming comes to Australia,” D’Souza opined in his tweet. “Unless you want to believe your lying eyes!”


According to its own government websites, global climate change has wreaked havoc on Australia, resulting in devastating impacts on that country. Yet D’Souza, a noted climate change denier, seems to imply that if it’s snowing, then it disproves climate change is real.

It may surprise D’Souza to learn, however, that winter in Australia — it being in the southern hemisphere — occurs in the opposite months as it does in the northern hemisphere. That means while the U.S. has hot temperatures, areas in the same (but opposite) latitudinal numbered areas experience cold temps.

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June, July, and August, therefore, are colder months, particularly for this part of Australia, which Newsweek reported was in New South Wales.

Interestingly enough, Australia has been experiencing a warmer-than-usual series of days for its winter in the past few weeks. Sydney, for example, has seen eight straight days with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius — equivalent to 68 degrees Fahrenheit — before this more normal, wintry weather pattern came about, Yahoo! News Australia reported on July 25.

It was a record-setting moment in Australian weather history. “We have records going back to the 1850s, and we’ve never seen that many days above 20C in July — and we could add a few more,” Sky Weather meteorologist Tom Saunders said.

D’Souza’s films and statements have frequently been tested for accuracy, failing many measures by fact-checking organizations as well as film critics. The Chicago Tribune, for instance, called his latest film, The Death Of A Nation, “laughable” due to its clear revisionist storylines.

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