Dinesh D’Souza Dragged Due to Dumb Drivel [COMMENTARY]

Right-wing commentator Dinesh D’Souza never met a Republican lie he couldn’t appropriate to manipulate for clickbait. Considering he’s already tried to erase every bad thing they’ve ever done, from Ted Cruz’s Cancun catastrophe to their inaction on Climate Change, it should come as no surprise that D’Souza is now helping the Republicans rewrite the history of what happened during the Capitol Insurrection on January 6th.

Emboldened by his pardon from the former guy, D’Souza is now pushing the newest Big Lie, which is that the crowd who showed up at the Capitol in head-to-toe riot gear covered with MAGA logos and carrying weapons ranging from flagpoles to stun guns were just there as tourists to check out how the government works. On Monday, D’Souza tweeted one of the more famous images from the January 6th insurrection and asked the dumb rhetorical question: “Does this LOOK like an insurrection?”

This isn’t the first time D’Souza has inserted himself into the Insurrection; he was allegedly in touch with one of the rioters who is now considered too ‘savvy’ to be released on bond while awaiting trial. And of course, D’Souza lives by the MAGA creed of ‘any attention for a tweet is good attention even when it’s bad attention, knowingly baiting users with deliberately obtuse drivel like Monday’s offering.

As if they were on a Capitol tour and the guy stopped into the gift shop to pick up House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s podium on his way to lunch or something.

Twitter responded to D’Souza with the worst possible content: the truth. D’Souza knows full well what the truth is, he just doesn’t care. He’s figured out where the outrage buttons are and he pushes them just at the right time. He’s chosen to capitalize on playing the villain, despite being so transparent about how desperately he wants the clicks.

The meme-ing began almost instantly as well.


Then there were those who just dragged for the sake of dragging someone who deserved to be dragged.

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