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Different Kind of GOP Candidate, Same Old GOP Hypocrisy

Different Kind of GOP Candidate, Same Old GOP Hypocrisy

“We need to protect girls’ sports in our schools.” “In our schools.” That was the key phrase in Caitlyn Jenner’s tweet Saturday morning in response to TMZ’s publication of a story in which she said that biological boys shouldn’t be allowed to compete in girls’ sports. She called it “an issue of fairness.”

But Jenner, the lifelong Republican who announced her candidacy for governor of California Tuesday morning, suffers from the same affliction as many GOP political candidates. Hypocrisy. Jenner, who won a gold medal in the 1976 Olympics in the decathlon and was considered “the world’s greatest” athlete at the time, has competed in a women’s golf tournament since transitioning to being a woman in 2015. What’s more she teed off from the women’s tees, which generally are significantly closer to the green than the men’s tees. Apparently the issue of “fairness” melts away once you’re an adult.

(Photo by Kelly Kline/Getty Images)

Prior to transitioning, Jenner reportedly had a six handicap, which puts a golfer in the very good to excellent category. At the 2016  ANA Inspiration Pro-Am golf tournament in Rancho Mirage, Calif., she let her celebrity foursome vote on which tees she should hit from. The women’s tees won. On the very first hole, Jenner holed out from the fairway to record an eagle, which is two under par.

Golf Week writer Beth Ann Nichols posted this video of Jenner teeing off at the tournament and being cheered on for the length and accuracy of her drive. Her team won the pro-am tournament that year and she returned again in 2017 to play in the tournament. As recently as May 2019 she competed at the 12th Annual George Lopez Golf Classic at Lakeside Country Club in Toluca Lake, Calif.


In a September 2015 interview on the golf course with Matt Lauer, the disgraced former “Today” show host asked Jenner if she would be playing from the women’s tees. “Of course I am,” was her response. When Lauer protested, indicating that she should play the white or blue tees in their match, Jenner teased the host and took up the challenge.

“C’mon, you can’t take it?” she said. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll play from the tips (the farthest back tees). I really don’t care.”

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