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(Watch) Did Trump Just Ruin Christmas for One 7-year-old Child?

(Watch) Did Trump Just Ruin Christmas for One 7-year-old Child?

It has become a tradition within the White House for the President and First Lady to take telephone calls from children calling into the official NORAD Santa Tracker.  Many presidents before Trump and many after him will take part in this yearly Christmas Eve event.

This allows the President of the United States to surprise unsuspecting children and spread holiday cheer, while the media watches on.  Yesterday was no different for the White House, with the exception of President Trump being on the receiving end of the call.

As we all know, Donald Trump can be unpredictable, and during one phone call with a 7-year-old child yesterday, he was just that and much more.  During the phone call, Trump questions the child’s belief in Santa, and then proceeds to claim that believing in Santa is “marginal”.

“How old are you?” Trump asked the child, before questioning him further.

“Are you doing well in school? Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at 7, it’s marginal, right?”

The audio and video, in its entirety was shared on Twitter by The Daily Beast.  It can be seen below.

You decide for yourself.  Did Trump ruin Christmas for this child?

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