Did the Hand of God Appear Over Jacksonville, Florida on July 4th?

No. But blush-haired prophetess Kat Kerr attested that it did during an interview on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel last Wednesday. Kerr, having taken photographs of a cloud formation that she and right-wing pastor Hank Kunneman swear is God pointing his finger toward heaven, echoed the likes of conspiracy theorist Johnny Enlow, who prior to the 4th predicted that the ruler of the Universe would provide a sign over the holiday weekend that Donald Trump’s return to the presidency was imminent.

The purported miracle occurred in the sky above Dillard’s department store in Jacksonville, Florida, according to Kerr.

Screenshot/Right Wing Watch

Right Wing Watch explained on Tuesday:

Kerr urged everyone to watch the second service held at Kunneman’s Lord of Hosts church in Omaha, Nebraska, on July 4th during which, she claimed, Kunneman had told his congregation to ‘watch for the hand of God to show up’ that day. Despite the fact that Kunneman actually said nothing of the sort during that service, Kerr insisted that she had seen the ‘hand of God’ appear in the sky that very night, which she claimed was confirmation of Kunneman’s ‘prophecy.’

Kerr said that she had taken photos and video of the ‘hand of God,’ but she did not show them during the Elijah Streams program last Wednesday. She did, however, send an image to Kunneman, who held a ‘Prophetic Pulse‘ gathering at his church last Wednesday night where he displayed the photo for his congregants to see.

‘God said, ‘Look for my finger,” Kunneman claimed while showing the photo. ‘Why would he lie?’

There are numerous reasons for God to give Florida the finger, however, in this case, a cloud is just a cloud. And Trump is still not the president.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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