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Did Notorious QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Ron “Anon” Johnson Just Out-Anon Himself?

Did Notorious QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Ron “Anon” Johnson Just Out-Anon Himself?

Did notorious QAnon conspiracy theory espouser Ron “Anon” Johnson just out-Anon himself? The Wisconsin Republican has gone to great lengths to get in front of as many TV cameras as possible to spread Donald Trump’s big like that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him – it was not – to dismiss the severity of COVID-19, to question the need for a nationwide mass vaccine program and to declare that the insurrection we all saw with our own eyes never happened.

In private, though, it appears that Johnson has absolutely zero problem going out on the thinnest of branches with there appearing nothing to support him. Without evidence the sitting U.S. senator suggested in a private conversation that the FBI knew much more about the planning of the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot than it has thus far revealed. Video of the remarks was obtained by The Washington Post.

He made the comments after a political event at a Wauwatosa, Wis., hotel.

“I don’t say this publicly, but are you watching what’s happening in Michigan?” Johnson said while discussing the Capitol attack with some of the event’s attendees. “. . . So you think the FBI had fully infiltrated the militias in Michigan, but they don’t know squat about what was happening on January 6th or what was happening with these groups? I’d say there is way more to the story.”

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Johnson may or may not be running for reelection. He was, however, recently the target of scathing editorial opinion piece in his hometown newspaper, the Milwaukee Sentinal. The paper called Johnson “the most irresponsible representative of Wisconsin citizens since the infamous Senator Joseph R. McCarthy in the 1950s” and called on him to resign.

“Whether or not Johnson believes the nonsense he spews, there is little doubt he seeks to benefit politically from this cynical theater. As a Tea Party Republican and climate change denier in 2010, he attracted support from the fossil fuel industry. Later, by minimizing the pandemic and touting questionable treatments for COVID, he vouched for a former president’s lies and boosted his own credibility with the Trump base in his home state. Johnson continues to put his own interests ahead of yours. He continues to put himself first and democracy second. And he continues to show why he is not fit to be your senator.”

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