Diamond & Silk Publish False Article With Edited Video to Discredit Krassensteins

Yesterday afternoon HillReporter published this story, detailing the incredible speed at which an edited video with a false narrative can spread throughout social media. The story stemmed from a parody video that Brian and Ed Krassenstein had created for an upcoming podcast. Somehow, someone with bad intentions got ahold of it and edited it down, completely changing the context of that video to make it appear as if Mr. Krassenstein was admitting to being paid to Tweet at the president.

Before all was said and done, multiple alt-right news outlets, including Infowars, The Gateway Pundit and TruePundit, had covered the story without once reaching out to either of the Krassensteins for clarification or comment. After chronicling the entire ordeal Brian Krassenstein published a rebuttal to the fake video yesterday afternoon, clearly showing that the allegations originally made by alt-right media outlets and thousands of individuals on social media were blatantly false.

Shortly after publishing the rebuttal and showing the social media sphere that the video and the articles being spread were at least inaccurate, and at most slanderous and defamatory, Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known as Diamond and Silk, proceeded to publish yet another article about the edited video, titled, “Top Member of Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Confesses: I Get Paid by ‘Higher-Ups’ to ‘Sow the Division’.

Within their article, written by Nick Arama, the edited video was embedded, prior to Twitter suspending that video from being shared from their site.  However, the link to the video remains. This article was published after the rebuttal on HillReporter, and although the Krassensteins reached out to Diamond and Silk, they have yet to edit or remove their false allegations.

To make matters worse, a full 14 hours after the video was revealed to have been edited and taken out of context, the official Diamond and Silk Twitter account posted the following tweet calling Brian Krassenstein ‘despicable’.

This is ironic, considering that Diamond and Silk are actually paid by Trump, at least for some of their expenses. Once again we reached out to Diamond and Silk to remove this inaccurate tweet, but they have yet to respond.

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