Devin Nunes Rips Mueller Investigation, Refers to Roger Stone’s Alleged Crimes as “Process Fouls”

California Congressman Devin Nunes has long been connected to Donald Trump and the Mueller Investigation. In October of 2018, Nunes was accused by fellow Congressman Eric Swalwell of burying evidence of Russian meddling to protect the president.

Gage Skidmore

Nunes appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News program to discuss the indictment of Roger Stone. The congressman minimized the charges Stone is facing and referred to the potential crimes as “process fouls”. Nunes told Bartiromo:

“Now you look at Roger Stone. Roger Stone is kind of an odd political figure. He’s one of these flamboyant guys who runs around and is kind of a press guy, kind of this type of guy, says a lot of things and hangs out with some very serious people. However, I think the Mueller investigation is really at the bottom of the barrel when they’re looking at people like this. We already found in our report that Roger Stone wasn’t colluding with the Russians, which that was the original intent of all this, remember?”

Nunes is referring to a report released by House Intelligence Committee Republicans in April of 2018. Democrats on the committee said the Republican investigation was, “a systematic effort to muddy the waters and to deflect attention away from the President.”

Nunes continued to minimize the seriousness of Stone’s alleged crimes, saying, “Supposedly Trump campaign operatives, so-called, were colluding with Russians. They must be embarrassed that they actually have to come to House Republicans in order to have us give them the information, the transcripts so that they go and get Roger Stone on a process foul that occurred in 2017 that Roger Stone himself is going to fight.”

Nunes has long been a key surrogate for Trump and his administration. With Democrats retaking the house, however, his ability to protect the White House has lessened significantly.

See the interview here:


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