Devin Nunes Refuses to Debate Opponent in Tight Race

#DevinWontDebate was trending on Twitter on Friday thanks to Phil Arballo, the Democrat challenging Devin Nunes in California who once again has called out his opponent for not showing up to debate him. Nunes has served in Congress since 2003 and has not debated anyone running for his seat since 2002.

Arballo, a financial adviser who lives in Fresno, California, has often tweeted about Nunes and his reticence to not debate or even acknowledge he has an opponent in the race. Arballo sent a letter to Nunes last week asking Nunes to participate in one televised debate. Nunes has not responded, according to Arballo campaign spokesperson Andrew Feldman.

WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 09: Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) attends a House Ways and Means Committee markup of the Republicans tax reform plan titled the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act., on Capitol Hill November 9, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

With only 25 days left before Election Day, Arballo seems justified in asking why Nunes is ducking his tweets and requests. Nunes has often ignored questions regarding his debate record, as well as his various associations with foreign dignitaries. Nunes famously travelled to Ukraine under dubious circumstances and is known to have met with one of Rudy Giuliani’s “business associates”, Lev Parnas, on more than one occasion.

Nunes and two other aides took a trip to Europe in 2018 that allegedly included a stopover in Vienna, where Nunes met with former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin. Shokin has been accused of corruption and has promoted the unfounded claim that he was removed from office due to his investigation into Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company on whose board Hunter Biden served.


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