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Devin Nunes: I Am Performing a Public Service By Running Trump’s Social Media Platform

Devin Nunes: I Am Performing a Public Service By Running Trump’s Social Media Platform

For many years, Twitter was good to Donald Trump. The former president was one of the earliest adopters of the social media site. And the platform Twitter gave to Trump certainly helped his political rise.

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The website, though, dumped Trump following the January 2021 insurrection. Trump is attempting to get back at the site by creating his own. The former president has named political ally Devin Nunes as the company’s CEO. And the former California congressman thinks he’s doing something significant by heading up the site.

“I still see what I am doing as a public service,” Nunes told Fox News. “It is not political, but it is public service. This has to be done. This is the most important issue at the highest level.”

In regards to resigning from Congress to run the site, Nunes continued, “It was hard for me to say no because it is the issue I have been most passionate about over the last few years. You would have to be hiding under a rock to not know my frustration with these Big Tech companies.”

The former congressman continued:

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“This is a quality, user-friendly product. It will be in chronological order, and the feed will be so that you don’t miss what your distant relative posted about their kid’s soccer game over the weekend – that’s what happens now on your platforms, you’re just served so much garbage all the time.”

Truth Social will be Trump’s second attempt at creating a website. From the Desk of Donald J. Trump, his first was a widely mocked failure.

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