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Devin Nunes Claims Democrats Are to Blame for California Wildfires

Devin Nunes Claims Democrats Are to Blame for California Wildfires

There is a near consensus among scientists that California’s wildfires are caused by changes in the climate. With this said, President Trump created his own reasoning for the fires, blaming California and their forest management.

Congressman Devin Nunes agrees with Trump’s take and blames the Democrats for the fires. The congressman, who represents California’s 22nd district, made his argument while appearing on FOX Business News.

Nunes was asked about Donald Trump’s assertion that the forests need to be “cleaned” of brush and leaves. He claimed that the Democrats do not allow the forests to be cleaned.

He told host Maria Bartiromo, “We used to go up into the forest and we used to take this wood out. I think what the American people need to know is that if you don’t remove the wood and the brush, eventually it burns. It’s very frustrating to hear the left (democrats), that for years have blocked these forests off.”

It is not known exactly how the Democrats are blocking access to the land, like Nunes claims.. In May of this year, California Mayor Jerry Brown signed an Executive Order calling for additional management of the state’s forests.

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Nunes, perhaps most famous for his multiple attempts to thwart the Mueller investigation, has a spotty environmental record. According to the League Of Conservation Voters, the congressman has one of the worst environmental voting scores of any legislator.

Environmentalists have decried explanations like those given by Trump and Nunes. They point out that factors like global warming, pollution and the Santa Ana winds are what make the fires so devastating.

Environmental Agency, the Sierra Club, released a scathing statement on Trump, “We need strong, science-based leadership from our elected leaders — not factless tweets and unfounded theories from Donald Trump and Ryan Zinke — to limit the damage from fires fueled by climate change and to protect vulnerable people, places, and wildlife. The long-term safety of our communities depends on science-based action and dedicated funding that adequately supports firefighting and forest management efforts.”

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