Devin Nunes Asked Lev Parnas to Sign Donald Trump’s Valentines Day Card

It is important for lawmakers to collect as much information as possible on potential supporters. One method of doing this is asking them to sign a card, and in the process giving their email address.

Screenshot from Twitter

Devin Nunes recently sent out an email asking people to sign a Valentines Day card for Donald Trump. Oddly, he sent a request to Lev Parnas, who has offered to testify against Trump and Nunes. The message from the California congressman was then shared by Parnas’ lawyer.

The request from Nunes read, “Valetine’s Day is just a few days away and this year, I have decided to surprise the President and the First Lady with a card from our top supporters. President Trump is fighting to put America first every day, and there is no better way for Patriots like you to show their support.”

Nunes isn’t the first Republican to send one of these strange requests. In January, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) humiliated himself by asking supporters to sign a birthday card for Eric Trump.

The senator, who has a tough reelection bid coming in 2020, wrote, “Eric Trump’s birthday is coming up. We’re putting together a birthday card for him — will you add your name?”


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