Developing: Someone Wants MeidasTouch Censored on Twitter

MeidasTouch released its first ad on television Thursday night. This Friday morning, it seems someone didn’t like MeidasTouch’s message and its Twitter account has now been censored.

People on Twitter are not able to search for MeidasTouch unless they are already following the account. ReallyAmerican, who has nearly 100k followers and is in the fight against Donald Trump too, has also been censored. Yesterday, writer Don Winslow’s newest video release #NotMyChild was flagged as ‘sensitive content’ by Twitter, stunting its viral potential.

Don Winslow, a well-known author and the producer of many viral anti-Trump videos, yesterday suddenly had his videos flagged by Twitter as containing “sensitive content.” Winslow has nearly 300,000 Twitter followers and after his recent video, #NotMyChild debuted, many people were unable to retweet it. According to Winslow, “It has no nudity, no bad language, no violence and nothing to justify sensitive content.” Twitter users were quick to confirm Winslow’s comments.

More than that, there have been some comments from people on Twitter that say they have been suspended after retweeting MeidasTouch content.

Something fishy is going on here. We do not know what is going on at the moment, but certainly, someone wants MeidasTouch censored. We don’t know if it is Donald Trump, but we certainly know he would want to censor MeidasTouch if he could.

We will update you as soon as we know more.

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