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Detained Immigrants Beg the “People of the United States” in this Heartbreaking Letter

Detained Immigrants Beg the “People of the United States” in this Heartbreaking Letter

While the Trump administration has been slowly reuniting the thousands of immigrant families along our southern border, the process is certainly not going fast enough for those still detained without their loved ones. A group of 54 adult detainees at the Port Isabel Service Detention Center in Los Fresnos, Texas, have reached out to the American people, in an effort to try and help them reunite with their children. The letter, written in Spanish, dated July 15 and signed by all 54 detainees, is quite emotional.

Source: Eileen P. Bleeinger – CNN

To the people of the United States, please help us. We are desperate parents.

We were not prepared for the nightmare that we faced here. The United States government kidnapped our children with tricks and didn’t give us the opportunity to say goodbye.

Each day is more painful than the last. Many of us have only had the chance to speak to our children once (this is very difficult because the social workers never answer). The children cry, they don’t recognize our voices and they feel abandoned and unloved. This makes us feel like we are dead.

With all this trauma; the nightmares, anxiety and pain that this government has caused us and our children, we still have to fight for our asylum cases.

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Using phrases like “kidnapped our children with tricks,” the migrants clearly paint a picture of the emotional brutality they faced at the hands of the Trump administration, while also appealing directly to the citizens of this nation, who they seem to feel will respond to their story more justly than the administration has.

While the Trump Adminstration has reunited hundred of families, Federal Judge Dana Sabraw seems to be losing some patience, as he asked for an update on the status of the remaining families while demanding more cooperation from the Trump administration.

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