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Despite What These Arizona Republicans Are Tweeting, Joe Biden Didn’t Just Lose Electors

Despite What These Arizona Republicans Are Tweeting, Joe Biden Didn’t Just Lose Electors

No, Joe Biden didn’t just lose 10 electoral votes from 2020. There isn’t some mythical process beginning by which he’ll gradually lose enough to be decertified, and replaced with Donald Trump as President.

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However, if you use far-right politicians on social media as a primary news source, you very well might think otherwise. Here’s what they’re claiming, and what’s really going on.

Kari Lake, who’s running for Governor in Arizona, tweeted it out with a Gaetway Pundit link. She declared that there was “HUGE BREAKING NEWS” as the Wisconsin Assembly had voted to withdraw the state’s ten electoral votes from Biden in the 2020 election. sconsin Assembly Votes to Withdraw Its 10 Electors for Joe Biden in 2020 Election — VIDEO

“Arizona should be next!” Lake insisted.

Wendy Rogers, a state Senator in Arizona, followed that up with suggestions that this was the start of a domino effect,and complained that Arizona hadn’t been the first to do it.

Even the Gateway Pundit article (archived here) doesn’t actually claim that Wisconsin’s electors will be withdrawn from Biden, despite the headline in these tweets.

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In the screenshot below, the headline attached to the article asserts “Wisconsin Assembly Votes to Withdraw Its 10 Electors for Joe Biden in 2020 Election.”

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The current headline, as seen in the archived link above, is more nuanced in its claims, though it still pushes the unsupported notion that there was a problem with the state’s electors.

Wisconsin Assembly Votes to Advance Rep. Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim Wisconsin’s Electors For President and Vice President That Were Certified Under Fraudulent Purposes

The story currently does not report a claim that the electors have been withdrawn, only that the legislation, advanced by a single legislator, was “moved forward” by being sent to a committee to consider.

What’s the truth? According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the bill was indeed assigned to a committee, as all such proposals are as a matter of course, but was immediately rejected by Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, who explained that the bill is unconstitutional, there is no legal way to advance or support it, and “there is ZERO chance I will advance this illegal resolution.”

Rogers and Lake have both pushed for their state, Arizona, to decertify Joe Biden’s 2020 win, pushing bogus recounts and investigations and always promising gullible followers that some major event is just around the corner. However, despite their rush to jump on this story, and promise voters that they’ll ensure their state is next, there’s actually nothing here to be ‘next’ for — Wisconsin isn’t withdrawing electoral votes from Biden, and it’s highly unlikely Arizona or any other state will either — because there’s just no Constitutional provision for doing so.

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