Despite Disastrous Interviews, Trump Campaign Wants Debates to Start Immediately

Donald Trump’s campaign is not going well. While the administration may frequently claims that things are going well, signs point to massive trouble. The President recently demoted his campaign manager Brad Parscale and that’s not the kind of thing that happens when things are good.

Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

Parscale was replaced by Bill Stepien who had previously been the right hand man to former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. The new campaign manager has been hitting the cable news circuit and is eager for his candidate to debate Joe Biden. In fact, Stepien wants that the happen as soon as possible.

Stepien made his comments while appearing on Fox News Monday night. “We want more debates. We want debates starting sooner,” he told the hosts.

The campaign manager continued, “First debate is scheduled for September 29th, by that time 16 states already will have voted, by September 29. That’s a concern to me. I want to see President Trump on the debate stage against Joe Biden.”

Stepien concluded, “We’re already seeing the liberal left, the liberal media trying to create trap doors for Joe to escape his commitment and obligations to debate Donald Trump on a debate stage in front of the American people.”

The idea that Biden is trying to avoid a debate against Trump is a new talking point on Fox News. Biden’s campaign, though, says nothing could be further from the truth.

Andrew Bates, the Biden campaigns rapid response director recently remarked:

“Joe Biden said in June that he looks forward to debating Donald Trump on the dates and in the locations chosen by the Presidential Commission on Debates. We are still waiting for Donald Trump to agree to as much.”

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