Despite Being Down 30% in Polls, Trump Tells Supporters He’ll Win California

One of the keys to any incumbent president’s reelection bid is winning the states they had previously won. And hopefully picking up a few that they didn’t. Donald Trump, however, is trailing big in a number of states he won and is now falling behind in a few that he was expected to win.

Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

California certainly isn’t somewhere that Trump should be focusing on. 538.com currently has Biden holding an average lead in the state of over 30%. Still, the president told supporter in Nevada that he doesn’t see any reason why he couldn’t win there.

Trump went to California this weekend to attend a private fundraiser in Newport Beach. A number of supporters showed up to cheer while his motorcade drove past.

The president saw this as a sign that he has a chance in the state. He told rally-goers, “I don’t know why we wouldn’t win California. We’re playing it a little bit. In theory, you’re not supposed to be able.”

Trump continued, “but they have everything against them. High crime, homeless, they don’t take care of their homeless. I used to tell Nancy Pelosi, come back to San Francisco and take care of your homeless. The endless forest fires, they’re endless. I do, I like the governor, but I say, do you ever stop with these forest fires?”

It’s unlikely that the Trump campaign will be devoting any resources to competing in California. The team has started to focus more energy on states they expected to win like North Carolina, Georgia and Iowa.

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