[Commentary] Desperate Trumps Scramble To Support “Stolen Election” Conspiracy Theory Despite Keeping Senate Control

Donald Trump, his family, and his sycophants and supporters are (falsely) accusing Democrats of cheating to ‘steal’ the election. However, they’re struggling to explain one thing: why would anyone bother to ‘steal’ the presidency and leave the Senate alone?

Trump trolls can't explain why Dems wouldn't steal the Senate if cheating
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Based on polls leading up to the election, there was a lot of conjecture that Democrats might flip the Senate. At the time of this writing, it hasn’t happened and doesn’t look so likely. The New York Times shows the Senate split 48-48, with 4 races left to call. While those aren’t definite yet, Thom Tillis, David Perdue, and Dan Sullivan, all Republicans, look as though they’re heading back to their seats. A special election in Georgia will go to a runoff between Raphael Warnock (D) and Kelly Loeffler (R), in January, but the Republican vote was split between Loeffler and a Republican challenger, so without that third party, she could be heading back too.

All this to say, why on Earth would anyone commit massive voter fraud, with all the risks inherent, and only take the office of the president, leaving the Senate majority to the other party? The presidency, without a Senate majority, is severely limited in power. Mitch McConnell, as Senate Majority Leader, has boasted about his efforts to keep any progressive legislation from passing, and during President Barack Obama’s term, actually prevented his Judicial appointees — including a Supreme Court Justice — from even being voted on in the Senate.

Now Republicans are struggling to explain how they think an entire political party schemed against Trump and installed a president — but didn’t bother to take away that power from Mitch McConnell.

Donald Trump Jr. even went so far as to theorize that cheaters — of which I can’t emphasize enough, there has been zero evidence presented — were just in too much of a hurry and didn’t have enough time to fill in a Senate bubble too.

The Trump campaign has already had two lawsuits thrown out of court because they failed to show any actual evidence that there was any wrongdoing in the election process. They don’t have anything but conspiracy theories.

The problem with conspiracy theories, of course, is that they tend to dissolve in sunlight. How do you sufficiently explain that some dark shadowy entity stole the presidency, and didn’t bother to steal the Senate too? It’s ridiculous, and Trump sycophants are twisting themselves into knots trying to make up an explanation.

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