DeSantis Says Reports of Him Making 2024 Presidential Bid are “Garbage”

Whatever happens in 2020, one thing is for sure, the Republican Party will need a new Presidential candidate. The choice should be interesting. The Demographics of the country are rapidly shifting and this could dramatically affect lawmakers who have stood with Donald Trump.

Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

In the fall of last year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis looked like an intriguing choice for the party. He was becoming popular among both Republicans and Democrats in his state and had a 58% approval rating. That rating, though, has dropped precipitously thanks to his COVID-19 response. And now DeSantis is saying the reports of him eying a 2024 Presidential run are “garbage.”

DeSantis, who was elected in the fall of 2018, was recently asked if he would run for Florida’s governorship a second time. He responded, “I’m planning that, I haven’t announced yet, but I think it’s a safe assumption that I will do it.”

The Republican lawmaker than shot down the idea that he would be seeking the Republican nomination in 2024. “Any political stuff that you hear along those lines—that is total garbage. It’s not coming from me. I’m just doing a day at a time.”

DeSantis continued, “I’ve got a young family, I have a good job, we have gotten a lot accomplished here.”

Donald Trump’s success or failure in 2020 will help to determine what kind of candidate may win 2024’s Republican nod. If Trump fails, the party could look towards more centrist Republicans like Larry Hogan of Maryland or Charlie Baker of  Massachussetts. If Trump succeeds, it could literally be anyone.

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