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DeSantis Says He “Doubts” That Florida Requested 300 Additional Ventilators

DeSantis Says He “Doubts” That Florida Requested 300 Additional Ventilators

Florida has become the epicenter of the delta variant crisis. The state is seeing close to 20,000 new cases each day, representing about a quarter of the country’s cases.

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Governor Ron DeSantis doesn’t seem worried, though. In fact, DeSantis has placed his focus on fighting the culture war and punishing school officials looking to keep students safe.

With a rapidly growing hospitalization rate, Florida is dealing with many more sick people. So it was no surprise yesterday when a report broke that the state is requesting additional ventilators. DeSantis, though, says he doubts the report.

Florida Local 10 reported on Tuesday, “As a result of the increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, the state of Florida requested 300 ventilators from the federal government, according to a Department of Health and Human Services planning document obtained by ABC News.”

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When asked about the report, DeSantis responded:

“I have not heard about that, so I have to check to see if that’s true or not. I would honestly doubt that that’s true, but I’ll look. We have a lot of stuff that we stockpiled over the last year and a half through the department of emergency management. I have not had any requests across my desk. I haven’t been notified of that.”

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