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Derek Chauvin Could Face New Charges For Previous Alleged Victim

Derek Chauvin Could Face New Charges For Previous Alleged Victim

After his murder conviction, Derek Chauvin could face new charges — for an old case. Critics have complained that the jury in Chauvin’s trial didn’t ever get the opportunity to hear his history, specifically that there was a previous case where he was alleged to have carried out similar actions. Now, a new jury could hear that story — as a new charge.

[Photo by Minnesota Department of Corrections via Getty Images]

According to ABC, the Department of Justice is now looking into a case from 2017, involving a child who was 14 at the time.

There is reportedly video of the incident, in which Chauvin is alleged to have struck the victim, a Black teen boy, in the head so hard that the child required stitches afterwards, then placed a knee on his back and held him down for 17 minutes, ignoring the child’s complaints that he could not draw sufficient breath.

It’s not the only problem in Chauvin’s history, either. According to CNN, the ex-officer’s former police department had records of at least 18 prior complaints about his conduct, two of which were addressed with disciplinary action, which is to say, Chauvin was issued a letter of reprimand.

Only one of the other officers who responded to the call the day that George Floyd was killed had complaints in his file. Tou Thao reportedly had six, one of which was still open at the time of Floyd’s death.

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Other officers, including the police chief, testified against Chauvin, in what a commentary in the Baltimore Sun called a step in “breaking down the blue wall of silence,” and “critical to meaningful police reform.”

“Currently, there are more protections for rogue than good cops who behave badly than good cops who speak up. The same whistleblower protections for our federal law enforcement agencies must be extended to all our local police organizations.”

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