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Deranged Woman Claiming to be a Scientist Berates Bank Employee Over Masks

Deranged Woman Claiming to be a Scientist Berates Bank Employee Over Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic is really driving some people past their breaking points. At a Citibank branch in Englewood, New Jersey on Monday, a customer was recorded hollering and threatening a teller over masks.

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“I will take this all the way. I am going now to court to fight masks and you are not gonna tell me what to do!” the woman, whose face is not shown, shouted at the counter.

“Stand six feet away from me and do your social distancing… no more, more more! Be safe, stand six feet away from me okay? That’s it,” the enraged client continued, demanding that the employee hand over her personal information.

“Give me your card with your name because this branch is gonna hear your name, you’re gonna become famous,” the woman yelled, unironically. “Do it now! Do it now!”

COVID Karen was out of control.

“You work for me! I do not work for you!” the irate customer seethed.

“I’ve been a customer since 1990! Were you born then?” the unidentified individual asked, as if that matters.

“Shame on you!” she added. “You’re very lucky she’s not here, because she knows me very well, your boss. Count your days.”

The absence of self-awareness did not stop there, however.

“Count your days, bully! What, this is giving you the right to be a bully? Because you’re brainwashed?” the woman, who was the one doing the bullying, said.

Rage is a helluva drug.

“I’m a scientist! There is no corona!” the customer claimed without presenting her supposed credentials. “Don’t make me wear your mask! Are you crazy? Are you trying to kill me?”

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Then she contradicted herself, implying that the bank is trying to infect her with a virus she just alleged does not exist.

“What happens if you have corona?” the woman bellowed. “Did you just say you’re trying to kill me? I wanna know because we’re on camera. Did you just suggest for me to wear your dirty mask? Because I think you did. Give me your name and your number now. You’re done. You are done.”

That was quite the performance.

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

Fifty-one days until the inauguration.

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