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Deranged Right-Wing Pastor Threatens ‘Godless’ Judges Who Rejected His Frivolous Lawsuits

Deranged Right-Wing Pastor Threatens ‘Godless’ Judges Who Rejected His Frivolous Lawsuits

The United States Constitution makes no mention of Jesus Christ or God, except to say that Americans have the freedom to practice whatever faith they choose. But right-wing extremists all too frequently claim otherwise, insisting that our nation was founded upon Christian principles and that the Bible is the true law of the land.


On Sunday, megalomaniac Pastor Tony Spell threw a tantrum over having lost a series of court battles which he waged over COVID-19 restrictions in Louisiana. He exclaimed that the judges who rejected his lawsuits were going against God.

“Any government that is not built on the shoulders of Jesus Christ, that government is headed for a fall. It is impossible to govern a nation without God and the Bible. It is impossible for our Constitution to work in a nation that is not wholly and righteously consecrated unto God,” Spell bellowed.

“Our Constitution was created for a moral and a religious people. It is wholly inadequate in the government of any other. And I know some of you – I’ve heard you tell me time and time again – that we get uncomfortable when you talk about our government. We get afraid when you call out our government. But don’t you worry, I hadn’t got started real good as of yet,” Spell said in a weird, quasi-singing and demonic fashion.

“I just want you to know tonight that we have a wicked government that is ruling our world today. I just want you to know tonight that when three Republican judges summed up a writ of denial on May the 25th and said that ‘We do not believe that the relator, pastor Tony Spell’s, free exercise of religion lies outside of the jurisdiction of government’s authority,’ when they say that, they are saying in no uncertain terms that ‘We do not believe the First Amendment of the United States Constitution,'” Spell continued.

He then threatened the “three Republican judges” who refused to validate his frivolous lawsuits.

“I just want to serve notice to you three Republican judges – Mitch Theriot, Elizabeth Wolfe, and Chris Hester – that you are a godless judge,” Spell screamed. “You have no right to sit on the seat in the United States of America and rule against Christians in America and tell us that we don’t have a free exercise of religion. Not only are you against God, but God is against you because when you come against God’s people, you come against God himself!”

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