Deranged Man Who Denies Pandemic Planned Helicopter Attack To “Free Patients” From Hospital

Jesse McFadden who is a 70-year-old member of Michigan Militia was arrested and charged when he tried to commandeer a COAST Guard helicopter, in order to, attack a hospital. McFadden was hoping to riddle the hospital with bullets and “free” patients from their quarantine. The Michigan Militiaman is a pandemic denialist.

Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

McFadden tried to enact his plan on Sunday when he contacted the Coast Guard’s Essexville station and alerted the dispatcher of his plan to steal one of their helicopters. He told the dispatcher that he would use the stolen aircraft to attack the hospital because he, “wanted to disrupt the power to the hospital, unlock the doors, and release patients under the COVID-19 quarantine.” This was all found in the criminal complaint that was filed on Wednesday by the Coast Guard after arresting McFadden.

After McFadden alerted the dispatcher of his plan the dispatcher contacted the authorities and Arenac County deputies of the planned attack. The dispatcher also informed the deputies about McFadden’s criminal past.  After that, McFadden actually showed up to the Essexville base and attempted to get through the gate. He tried to convince the people to let him in, but when no one would he drove away. McFadden was then confronted by a deputy at a gas station. The deputy tussled with McFadden after trying to confiscate McFadden’s shotgun. McFadden punched the deputy but the deputy was able to put down McFadden with a taser.

This episode shows how strange this pandemic can make people. It will be interesting to see if more shenanigans.

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