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Denver Gunman Who Targeted Specific Victims Once Praised Donald Trump’s ‘Maternal Line of Loyalty’

Denver Gunman Who Targeted Specific Victims Once Praised Donald Trump’s ‘Maternal Line of Loyalty’

The gunman who killed five people in a series of shootings in the Denver, Colorado, area on Monday once tweeted about the importance of loyalty in Donald Trump’s “maternal line.”

Lyndon James McLeod reportedly had a history of extremist views and psychotic episodes, and police said he had been “on their radar.” At least three of the shootings appear to have been targeted and all took place at tattoo shops. McLeod once owned a business in Denver called Flat Black Ink Corp. at an address that is now World Tattoo Studio, according to records from the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.

Police say McLeod knew most of the people he shot Monday in several locations around the metro area, through business or personal relationships. They were still investigating his motive. Five people were fatally shot in less than an hour and two others were wounded, including a police officer who shot and killed McLeod after being hit.

The shootings started around 5:30 p.m. in central Denver along Broadway, a busy street lined with shops, bars and restaurants, where two people were killed at Sol Tribe Tattoo & Piercing. Soon after, McLeod forced his way into a nearby home that also housed a business. He pursued the occupants through the building and fired shots, but no one was injured. McLeod shot and killed in a home near Denver’s Cheesman Park, and was able to elude a police pursuit. He then drove to the suburb of Lakewood where he shot and killed an employee working at the Lucky 13 tattoo shop.

McLeod was spotted by police in a shopping area where he opened fire and officers shot back. He ran away and allegedly threatened some people in a restaurant with a gun before going to the Hyatt House hotel, where he spoke briefly with the clerk before shooting her. About a minute later, a Lakewood police officer saw McLeod and ordered him to drop his weapon. She was shot in the abdomen but fired back at him. Her name has not been released, but she underwent surgery Monday night and is expected to make a full recovery.



A white nationalist, McLeod wrote and published a series of books called “Sanction” under the name Roman McClay, according to Nexstar Media. He also used the name Roman McClay on Twitter.

In May 2020, McLeod (as McClay) tweeted a response to a video posted by MSNBC in which rapper 50 Cent said Trump should pardon adviser Roger Stone because “if that’s his people he should look out for them.” McLeod wrote, “Gangsters, Mafioso & tribal folks (Trump’s maternal line is Scot: MacLeod) value loyalty as an ethical marker. We see loyalty as a prerequisite for an honorable life. Squares (English/Yankees) worry about abstract ‘consistency’ & ‘rule of law.’ But we value our people over all.”



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