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Dennis Prager Promotes Ivermectin, Claims Doctors Who Warn Against It Are Idiots

Dennis Prager Promotes Ivermectin, Claims Doctors Who Warn Against It Are Idiots

Right-wing radio host Dennis Prager said on Tuesday’s edition of The Dennis Prager Show that ivermectin is an effective treatment for SARS-COV-2 and that doctors who state otherwise have no idea what they are talking about.

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Ivermectin is not an antiviral. It is used to deworm livestock and occasionally human beings, albeit in lower doses than what is given to cows and horses. The United States Food and Drug Administration has been issuing stark warnings about the dangers of ivermectin poisoning since March of this year.

Why Prager and other extremist voices keep pushing it as a COVID-19 treatment defies rational comprehension, although it is not unreasonable to imagine that they are financially vested in or supported by the makers of the drug. Or maybe they just enjoy killing off their audience. Who really knows. The point is that this false messaging is prolonging the pandemic and straining already scarce resources.

Prager is not a trained medical professional but he clearly enjoys pretending that he is.

“Why should doctors be any better than lawyers, or professors, or any other group that has disgraced itself in American life? There’s no reason. Doctors have the same degree of wisdom as gender studies professors. The issue isn’t medical knowledge. The issue is wisdom and courage. There are plenty of doctors who have it. Read about The Great Barrington Declaration,” said Prager.

That document – which was signed by hundreds of thousands of people, promoted by the American Institute for Economic Research (a libertarian think tank), and panned by medical experts as the “epitome of arrogance” – was introduced last year before the coronavirus vaccines were available. It called for as many individuals as possible to be exposed to the virus so that the population would, in theory, achieve herd immunity. Its three authors also advocated against lockdowns, claiming that forced isolation would be detrimental to mental and economic health.

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“Your doctor knows nothing about COVID, nothing,” Prager pontificated. “All they know is how the virus works. That’s all they know. It is an amazing thing that listening to this show, of a non-doctor, you have learned more about COVID, more about masks, than your doctor probably knows. Not only is it not a boast, it is totally meant to be an attack on the medical profession. I should not know ten times more than your doctor about all of the issues with therapeutics. And if your doctor thinks ivermectin is dangerous, change your doctor. And I mean it. Might be a nice guy, go golfing with him, or her. But check out another doctor.”

Watch below via Media Matters for America:

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