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Dennis Prager Attacks Doctors and Teachers in Slurred-Speech Tirade

Dennis Prager Attacks Doctors and Teachers in Slurred-Speech Tirade

Right-wing radio host Dennis Prager went on a bizarre rant against doctors and teachers on Wednesday’s edition of The Dennis Prager Show in which he contended that educators are “committed to crapping on America.”

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But first, Prager – who appeared and sounded sedated – accused medical practitioners of being murderers destined for eternal damnation:

Many doctors have killed patients because of their ignorance, obstinance, and arrogance. It is not odd that the Talmud – the second holiest work in Judaism – stated 2,000 years ago that the best doctors go to Hell. Doctors, even when they could do nothing 2,000 years ago, were known for their arrogance. There are some wonderful doctors in America. Some, just for the record. Never said this in my life, my eyes have been opened in the darkness of the last two years. And they have been dark. Why haven’t all Americans’ eyes been opened? Like to teachers, and teachers’ unions, and colleges.

Next, Prager asseverated that kids becoming infected with COVID-19 is a good thing for themselves and their communities:

Every student going back to college has to have a vaccine? Despite the fact that their age group is virtually untouched by this – untouched, I mean no fatalities. In fact, the more young people that get COVID the better it is for them and society, they have natural immunity. But your college doesn’t accept natural immunity.

Antibodies from infection wane over time, which is why vaccinations are critical to stopping the coronavirus from spreading and mutating.

Prager then stumbled over his words as he asserted that teachers are harmful to American culture:

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And what about the teachers who are not going back until all the students – [unintelligible] – they just weren’t going to go back. They’re only going back to crapping on America – most elementary school teachers – that’s what they’re committed to. Crapping on America while robbing your child of innocence and teaching them via Zoom. And yet people will still send their kids to these schools. That’s the state of things at this time, so I’m asking you to fight and be happier.

Watch below via Media Matters for America:

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