Denial Doesn’t End With Intubation — ER Nurse Says Dying Patients Still Deny COVID-19 Exists

The politicization of COVID-19 left a significant portion of the country in intense denial of just how deadly the virus is. An emergency room nurse is speaking out now to let the public know that even at the worst extreme, politics color patients’ response to their own illness.

ER Nurse says people don't believe COVID is real even when they're dying of it.
[Photo Cradit: The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons\

Jodi Doering’s tweets about her experiences caring for COVID-19 patients went viral and she was invited to share her revelations on CNN‘s New Day. In the clip below, she describes the heartbreak of trying to convince a patient to take the opportunity to have a last video call with a loved one, only to meet further denial as the patient insists it isn’t necessary, because they don’t believe they can possibly truly be dying of a virus whose existence and/or seriousness they continue to deny.

In fact, she says, upon diagnosis, many patients continue to insist that they must be sick with something else rather than COVID-19 — lung cancer or pneumonia, perhaps.

In tweets over the weekend, she described the way that some patients lash out and attack nurses for wearing protective gear, even calling them names, because they feel so certain that their diagnosis can’t be real, and that the virus doesn’t warrant such a level of caution.

Donald Trump has consistently downplayed the effect of the virus, and complicit Republican officials have joined him, choosing to focus on the economic cost of shutdowns rather than the cost, in human life, of continuing to ignore the risks. The nation is now approaching a quarter of a million deaths from this pandemic.

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