Dems Are Considering Subpoenaing Trump’s Interpreter, Report Says

Democrats in Congress are looking to expand the scope of the Russia investigation and may take several actions in the weeks ahead in order to get new details about President Donald Trump’s possible connections to the Kremlin.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

According to reporting from Axios, the expanded House investigation by Democrats will take a deep dive into Trump’s finances, and may look for any signs of money-laundering that may have occurred through the president’s inner circle.

Democratic leaders are also likely to request former witnesses who have already spoken to Congress return to the House to give additional testimony, and lawmakers will also request potential new witnesses who haven’t spoken yet to make appearances as well.

In addition to these measures, the Congressional source who spoke to Axios said that Democrats are also considering ways in which they can subpoena the records of Trump’s Russia interpreter in order to get a firmer grasp of what was discussed between the two leaders. They may also compel that interpreter to speak to them directly.

As reported by the New York Times¬†earlier this year, the details of Trump’s meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin have been kept hidden, even from members of his own administration.

The one-on-one meetings between the two presidents, some of which only included interpreters in the room, are highly unusual. Typically in the past, U.S. presidents liked to have other White House officials in the room with them whenever they deal with foreign leaders, to corroborate the details of what transpired in the room later on.

Trump reportedly went to great lengths in order to conceal the notes his interpreter took on some of those meetings. As previously reported by Hill Reporter, Trump even physically took some of those notes away from that individual, warning them not to discuss what was spoken between him and Putin to anyone else in the White House.

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