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Democrats Will Be Seeking Major Defense Spending Changes If They Take Back Congress

Democrats Will Be Seeking Major Defense Spending Changes If They Take Back Congress

If you’re ever looking for one massive welfare queen that sucks off the state to no end, then look no further than the department of defense. But Democrats vowed to put an end to the reckless defense spending should they take-back Congress in November.

Ever since oozing his way into the oval office, President Trump— with assistance from the servile and obsequious Republican-controlled Congress—has added more than $200 billion to the projected levels of defense spending for fiscal years 2017 through 2019. And in an effort to avert a government shutdown, Republicans in Congress allocated $606 billion in base defense spending and nearly $68 billion more in overseas contingency funds,

House Armed Services Committee ranking member Adam Smith (D-Wash.) appears to be very concerned about what he sees as a new race for nuclear weapons. Trump, being a sociopathic kid who wants all the toys that blow things up, called for the development of a low-yield nuclear warhead for submarine-launched ballistic missiles. The Trump administration argued its need for deterrence purposes, as adversarial nations might believe it’s not going to use its current arsenal.

Democrats failed to block funding for the weapon and want to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Rep Smith listed the issue as among his top priorities should he get to be chairman.

I  think the Republican Party and the Nuclear Posture Review contemplates a lot more nuclear weapons than I and I think most Democrats think we need. We also think the idea of low-yield nuclear weapons are extremely problematic going forward,  Smith said at the Defense News conference. When we look at the larger budget picture, that’s not the best place to spend the money.

But even if pricey and unnecessary nuclear weapons are among Smith’s concern, it’s the bloated defense budget itself that troubles him the most. Regarding the bloated defense budget reaching $716 billion, Smith said the following:

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“I think the number’s too high, and it’s certainly not going to be there in the future,” arguing that rising deficits compounded by the GOP’s tax bill require cuts to be made.

So progressives can take much delight in knowing that Democrats are going to bring some sanity to defense spending should they take back Congress in November.

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