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Democrats to Force Vote on Junk Healthcare Bill Before Midterms

Democrats to Force Vote on Junk Healthcare Bill Before Midterms

For the last month, the news cycle has been trapped in an endless stream of Brett Kavanaugh headlines. While the Kavanaugh fight helped to galvanize voters on the left, there are other issues Democrats are looking to shine a light on.

A major issue for both sides of the aisle is healthcare and specifically protection for pre-existing conditions. With the midterm elections 28 days away, Wisconsin senator Tammy Baldwin has introduced a bill intended to force Republican hands on the issue.

Baldwin’s bill looks to ban short-term healthcare plans that do not meet the standards of The Affordable Care Act. The GOP has pushed these short terms bills as part of their strategy to repeal Obamacare.

Baldwin writes on Twitter, “I’m not going to stand idly by and let the Trump administration swindle folks out of their healthcare. That’s why I’m forcing a vote to overturn the expansion of junk insurance plans.”

The bill, needing support from both sides of the aisle, will look again to Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Both Collins and Murkowski were instrumental in thwarting GOP efforts to repeal The Affordable Care Act.

That plan most likely will not work. While Collins has not commented, Murkowski has already said that while “short term plans are not ideal” she still plans on opposing the bill.

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Democrats plan on forcing the vote even if they feel they don’t have the votes. Republicans who don’t support the bill can be painted as not supporting voters with pre-existing conditions.

Senator Brian Schatz from Hawaii wrote on Twitter, “On Wednesday, Senate Republicans get an opportunity to demonstrate independence from Trump and vote against junk insurance plans. Tammy Baldwin’s bill will put them all on record.”

This pivot for Democrats help them to move onto issues that will resonate with the independent voters they are chasing. Healthcare will be a prominent issue in all campaigns and the timing of this vote should give the left a strong talking point.

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