Democrats Need to Refocus On Defeating Trump

[TW: descriptions of sexual assault appear in this piece]

Democrats, what has happened to you?

One night out of a lifetime of public service, the last three and half years of which have benefited Americans like no administration since the 1960s, and you're turning your back on Joe Biden?


Since when are Democrats flighty and fairweather? We're supposed to be scrappy, always the underdog even when we have the majority. People try to count us out, and then we go ahead and elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris by millions of votes. 

Look, folks, you know Joe. He loves America like he loves ice cream. He's a good and decent man who wants the best for all of us, even those who didn't vote for him.

You know his childhood stutter still occasionally plagues him, especially when he's tired. But if you would just use your hands to Google facts instead of rage-tweeting, you'd see that the Biden-Harris record matters a whole lot more than a subpar debate performance that has been beaten to death.

Leave that poor dead horse alone, wouldya? We have a real live threat to our democracy who's been given Carte Blanche by his compromised SCOTUS pals to become a dictator king if we don't stop him. 

Donald Trump is a convicted felon and an adjudicated rapist who'll be facing sentencing on 34 felony convictions at the same time a January 6th tribunal will be taking place over six to eight weeks just before the election. Trump is still facing 54 more felony charges across three trials, including election interference.

Then there's the matter of Project 2025, which is finally being talked about while also being firmed tied to Trump. We need to make sure none of that happens. NONE OF IT. We're not just voting for Joe, we're voting for our democracy. 

This is Trump vs America, not just Joe Biden. 

And you also have to talk about the new Epstein Files release, which is courtesy Gov. Ron "Holds a Grudge Forever" DeSantis. This will be the only time you'll see me saying DeSantis did something good, because he handed the Democrats a gift when he ordered a judge to release the lurid details of over 200 Epstein clients, as well as incredibly damning information on Trump and his "massage appointments" that Epstein set up for him.

With children.

In one unspeakably graphic excerpt from testimony provided by Trump's victim Katie Johnson, we learned that Trump refused to wear a condom when he raped Johnson, then 13, and a 12-year-old identified in court documents as "Maria Doe."

He also complained about their sexual performances and threw cash at them to "get a f-cking abortion" when they asked what would happen if they got pregnant.

I know these are uncomfortable talking points, but that's why you have to talk about them, Democrats!

You have to talk about this, and you have to keep your eyes on the prize that is our democracy.

So pretty please with sugar on top, stop talking about one night in a man's life and start talking about how he's the key to making sure we don't become a dictatorship instead of a democracy.