Democrats Just Won Major Victory On Obtaining Mueller Grand Jury Material

It may not seem official until President Donald Trump tweets a petty and trollish rant about it in all caps, but it appears House Democrats just scored a big win in the Mueller probe.

CNN reports that the House of Representatives was granted access to secret grand jury material assembled in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and cited in the Mueller report, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday.

In a 2-1 decision, the appeals panel ultimately sided with the chief judge of the DC District Court, who often criticized the Justice Department’s absurd legal theories to suppress the Mueller materials and endorsed the House’s investigation into President Donald Trump. However, the Justice Department could appeal to the Supreme Court or again to the DC-based appeals court.

“Special Counsel Mueller prepared his report with the expectation that Congress would review it,” the opinion of the court read in part. “The Committee’s particularized need for the grand jury materials remains unchanged. The Committee has repeatedly stated that if the grand jury materials reveal new evidence of impeachable offenses, the Committee may recommend new articles of impeachment.”

After a long and protracted investigation, Mueller claimed to not have a sufficient amount of evidence to charge any member of the campaign with taking part in a criminal conspiracy.

But Mr. Mueller clearly did not exonerate Trump in his testimony and said he could be tried upon leaving office, thus forcing Trump and his cronies to up their cheating game in 2020. Mueller also left it in the hands of Congress to decide whether they wish to indict a sitting president.

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